A Single Media Operations Platform™ for Sky Studios

A Single Media Operations Platform™ for Sky Studios

The digital landscape has drastically changed how people consume media. In just a few short decades, we went from a handful of TV and radio stations to a seemingly infinite number of channels and platforms today. 

Yet, despite encountering this seismic shift, operations and production teams remain largely unchanged. As these companies depend on an increasing number of software and tools, they need a management system that helps them communicate across teams, track scheduling, and manage project costs. Managing a crew and their time cards, for example, leads to a ton of manual work that only further compounds the pain of all these platforms

At Xytech, we focus on innovative solutions, such as providing 1 source of truth to view and manage all media assets, people, and resources. We designed Xytech to be your central command center, allowing your teams to coordinate and deliver media on time.

Xytech Helps Sky Studios Elstree Streamline Internal Processes

Sky Studios Elstree adopted Xytech Systems as their resource management software to optimize their internal processes. Like so many others in the industry, their insights into how everything functioned was often fractured because they relied on a collection of views and platforms to try and get answers. They didn’t have a single command center. 

Sky Studios Elstree, a joint venture between Sky and NBCUniversal, just opened its doors last month. The state-of-the-art complex is located just north of London, covers 27.5-acre, and contains 13 sound stages.

With such an expansive property and multiple teams and departments to coordinate, Sky Studios Elstree knew they needed a solution to help them maintain their operational and financial control. 

“Not long after Sky Studios Elstree was given the go-ahead in 2019, we started searching for a media operations solution that would meet the strict demands of our cutting-edge studios catering for high-end TV shows and films,” said Tom Avison, Director of Operations at Sky Studios Elstree. 

In early discussions, Sky Studios was transparent about the complexity of their scheduling requirements, ancillary room, and equipment bookings.

“Sky already had an excellent, long-standing relationship with Xytech Systems through its Transmission solutions installed at the Sky facilities in Italy, Germany and the UK. We also knew Xytech was already servicing other major studios across the UK, so we naturally approached them to see what they could offer us.” 

Xytech played an integral role in the implementation phase by offering expertise and determining the right solutions. Avison notes that Xytech helped the studio meet its ambitions to use the system from quote to invoice.

“Xytech software offers a multitude of features when it comes to handling the complex requirements of bookings,” explained Matt Waldock, Xytech’s VP and Director of Business Development, EMEA.

 “Our Media Operations Platform™ software allows for quick and efficient quote and order creation. As bookings are added or changed, the system updates the display in real-time, putting automated financial transparency directly into clients’ hands.”

Sky Studios Elstree’s decision to adopt Xytech speaks volumes about the rapid growth in the UK’s studio industry. As the studio market continues to expand, so will the need for media operation solutions and resource management software that gives studios the ability to successfully manage complex projects. 

“Sky Studios Elstree choosing Xytech to manage its quote-to-invoice process around its resource requirements further confirms Xytech’s status as the leading vendor for small and large studios alike. The team at Sky Studios Elstree has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership,” Waldock says.

Xytech’s Media Operations Platform™ Provides One View for Media Teams

For more than three decades, the world’s leading media and broadcast corporations have relied on Xytech to help them provide seamless operational and financial management. Xytech offers multiple products and solutions to streamline your people, resources, scheduling, and quoting so that you can deliver media on time, on budget, and on schedule. 

The Xytech Media Operations Platform enables your teams to seamlessly collaborate and track projects across all the systems in your ecosystem. As a flexible, scalable solution, Xytech’s Media Ops Platform keeps up with your workflow by coordinating planning, scheduling, and financial management tools. 

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