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Give your entire company an easy way to organize, share, and track media assets. Whether you have a hundred assets or hundreds of thousands of assets, Xytech’s Media Asset Management allows you spend less time searching and more time doing. Getting all your online and offline assets and metadata into a single platform is easy and fast. Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for with versatile ways to organize, including collections, sections and labels.

What is Media Asset Management

QC Sesssion Management

View and set all quality parameters by timecode, problem type, and correction process status.

Display Key Frames and Proxies

View and set media asset proxies and intra-asset metadata such as format, codecs, aspect, resolution, and keyframes.

Title Management

Capture the ever-expanding world of metadata, title structures, and asset lineage.

Index Search

Powerful global and keyword search tools empower users to quickly identify their critical assets' location and availability.

Configurable Metadata

Define and apply customizable metadata fields and values.

Manage & Track Physical and Digital Media

Extensive metadata capturing for all physical and digital assets.

Media Asset Management Features

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Xytech brings a new level of control to the business. We have visibility into every aspect of our operations.”

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Richard Duke Vice President and Owner All Mobile Video

“We looked for a solution that had a proven track record, flexibility, powerful functionality, and efficiency. Xytech was the obvious answer for us; it is a powerful platform that helps us manage our resources and information easily and effectively.”

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Andy Waters Head of Studios dock10

“The planning and deployment of Xytech clearly demonstrated technical expertise, team work, and a focus on getting the job done. Xytech helped us deliver a crucial system, and the manner in which the integration was executed was exemplary.”

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Lynne Chernow SVP of Application Development HBO New York

“Xytech fulfills all of our scheduling, billing and project management requirements in the best possible way. We took a number of other established ERP systems into consideration, but nothing compared to the efficiency of Xytech.”

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Peter Fries Managing Director OmnImago

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