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MediaPulse - Media Operations

Xytech delivers the essential tool for modern media management and integrates with all systems in your facility for true workflow automation. With MediaPulse, you can build and execute basic or intricate media-centric workflows and integrate resource, order and asset management into one solution.

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Today’s complex workflows drive many common questions. Do we need to make a file? What kind of files are we making? Where are our files? Where do they go once we’ve made them? Are they ready yet? Are they QC’d? Delivered? Archived? Invoiced? By integrating resource, order and asset management into one solution, MediaPulse allows you to focus on building your own business.

Xytech’s Media Order functionality allows you to manage everything from fundamental media creation to high volume digital fulfillment. Both automated and manual operations can be organized, tracked and completed within a single order, making MediaPulse an essential tool for modern media management.

  • Manage both automated and manual tasks within the same order, delivering end-to-end workflow management 
  • Templatize workflows for easy order creation
  • Notifications alert you when work is completed or requires attention
  • Real-time status updates from other systems
  • Comprehensive billing and cost tracking as the work is being fulfilled
  • Robust reporting to evaluate the efficiency of current workflows and processes
  • Configurable interface streamlines order entry, operations management and financial reconciliation

Xytech Solutions

Resource optimization is key to success in today’s environment. That’s why the world’s best media organizations choose Xytech.
Get the right crew on the right job, on time and on budget by managing schedules, qualifications and personnel rules.
Quickly set rosters, assign tasks, communicate schedules and record actualized time with just a few clicks.
Take control of all of your media assets and metadata in a single comprehensive solution.
Automated and manual operations can be organized, tracked and completed within a single order with MediaPulse.
Take control with operational and financial tools specifically designed for the transmission environment.

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