Resource Scheduling with Project Planning

Resource Scheduling with Project Planning

By: Doug Gingrave

What is Resource Scheduling?

A simple question with different interpretations based upon experience and perspective, especially in the broadcast, media and entertainment space. 

In short, resource scheduling is a process to organize individuals and equipment to complete a task at a particular time based on availability and capability.

This process at its core can appear to be relatively simple however, with work schedules, union rules, holidays, down-time and maintenance factors, resource scheduling quickly becomes complex. When these factors are multiple across multiple projects thought the enterprise, the problem become expensive.

Project planning

Resource scheduling based on availability and capability is the foundation of a project plan.  As we all know, every project is bound to fail without a proper timeline in place.  However, project plans are only as good as the project manager and project management tool used to effectively coordinate resources.  This is why resource scheduling software solutions exist. 

The importance of resource scheduling

A critical skill a broadcaster or content producer can learn, is how to efficiently manage resources. This in turn means, learning resource scheduling and experiencing how it is a pivotable component to any resource management process.  For the broadcast, media and entertainment industry, resource scheduling goes beyond just scheduling, it involves identifying and allocating resources against the budget. Well-structured allocation of resources is crucial to streamline the process of keeping jobs and projects on-time and under-budget.

Every project plan is an integration of multiple tasks, requiring certain skills to produce the desired results.  Demonstrating the ownership for the success of the business is first with the resource managers, since they directly affect the project managers, who ensure the right resource is working on the right things for the project to be delivered on time and within budget.

If resources are not effectively scheduled before the project starts, it could signal delays or potentially bring the project to a halt.  Over worked and over booked critical human resources could lead to burn-out, turn over or dissatisfaction. Also, the cost of equipment maintenance can not only lead to increased downtime for resources, it leads to loss of profit, loss of new opportunities and cause further delays to scheduled projects.

Having managers take a systematic approach to project planning, and specifically resource scheduling, is key to grow or expand a business.  An effective resource scheduling system can resolve several challenges faced by the media and broadcast industry.  We all understand having the right person, equipment, and place with the right skills, is critical to producing content.  The right resource scheduling software solutions achieve 360-degree visibility into all work demands across the enterprise.  Enhanced productivity, forecasting billable and strategic utilization of the resources ahead of time is critical to keep viewers engaged.

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