Media Asset Management – Digital and Physical

Media Asset Management – Digital and Physical

By: Gregg Sandheinrich

Digital and physical media assets are the essence of every Content Provider, Broadcaster and Post-Production Facility.  Having the right asset management and ERP software solution is essential to efficient workflows, flexible system integrations and profitable content monetization. 

What is Media Asset Management?

At its core, Media Asset Management is the ever-growing challenge of understanding the quality, availability and value of all your content at all times.  The importance of quickly assessing the state of your media asset library has never been more essential than it is today.  After all, content is king.

Physical vs Digital Media

Finding the right software tool to manage assets and content libraries is not a new problem.  As asset and content creation shifted from physical media (film and videotape) to digital media (MP4, MOV, ProRes, among many, many others), there was optimism that managing digital assets would be better suited for Media Asset Management software solutions than ‘tapes sitting on shelves’.  Unfortunately, the challenges of Media Asset Management only became more and more complex.  Why?

Benefits of Media Asset Library Software

Media asset libraries can grow at an incredible pace and quickly become unmanageable.  Something as seemingly simple as properly preserving and archiving a single title can generate sizable amounts of formats and versions.  What may have started as a single roll of film can turn into hundreds of the files.  The tools to manage assets on such a scale must be responsive and monitor all aspects of media asset workflows.  Clear lineage of an asset’s journey from the camera to the MAM is paramount to understanding the availability and viability of a content library.  As workflows grow and adapt, the asset management software must grow and adapt as well.

Media Asset Management Software Solution

Content Providers, Broadcasters and Post-Production companies are now faced with a new challenge:

Finding a Media Asset Management Software Solution specifically developed to simplify the complexities of BOTH physical and digital asset management on a global scale. 

Xytech’s MediaPulse is that solution. MediaPulse is the ideal media asset software solution for properly managing the ever-changing world of digital asset manufacturing, asset distribution and asset storage.  MediaPulse is specifically engineered as address the needs of Media Asset Management workflows. With real-time visibility into media asset locations and availability via a highly configurable web-based UI, users can easily find exactly what the need. Seamless linking of asset information with MediaPulse Job, Work Order and Invoicing systems helps you run your facility more efficiently.

Media Asset Library Software Solution

Xytech’s MetaVault is a robust inventory and tracking tool for both physical and digital media, capturing the ever-expanding world of metadata, title structures and asset lineage. Plus, MetaVault can track rental assets with a single check-in/check-out point or manage a global inventory of media assets stored in different vaults and warehouses.  Equipped with powerful keyword search tools, MetaVault empower users to quickly identify the location and availability of their key assets. When combined with the MediaPulse API toolset, MetaVault libraries can integrate with the latest in DAM and MAM technology.

It’s time to gain complete control of your physical and digital libraries.Gregg Sandheinrich from Xytech