Webinar: Exploring MediaPulse Transmission

Webinar: Exploring MediaPulse Transmission

Watch this recorded webinar to see how MediaPulse Transmission delivers enterprise-class operational and financial management tools optimized for video transmission and master control environments.

Presenters Greg Dolan, Daniel Lynch, and Darrel Gardner demonstrate the system, answer questions from audience, and explain how some of the world’s premier broadcasters rely on MediaPulse Transmission to ensure smooth operations, automated feed management, device automation, bandwidth utilization, and accurate billing.

Highlights include:

  • Management of all technical parameters and the creation of end-to-end signal paths.
  • How to perform parameter-based technical evaluations and resolve conflicts automatically.
  • Using the MediaPulse Transmission system to automate the control of switchers, antennas and IRDs, as well as MAM systems.
  • Using our automation capabilities with Miranda, Avid AirSpeed, Avid Capture, SNMP devices and every element in your digital supply chain.
  • Viewing the Arrival Board, optimized for display of transmission-related job data.

Watch the webinar