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Streamline Scheduling

Increase visibility and decrease the amount of time spent scheduling tasks, personnel, assets, and resources with configurable templates and automations.

Manage Payroll and Counter Rules

Automatic rule-based entitlement accruals allow you to compensate for time off and run against scheduled work.

Efficiently Compare Bids

Bid comparison allows for a side-by-side view of your bids to help you efficiently identify differences and discrepancies.

And much more!

What is the Media Operations Platform?

Media Operations
We surveyed thousands of Media Operations professionals and found that a large percentage of organizations rely on homegrown solutions or spreadsheets, whiteboards, and emails to manage their media production. There’s a better way.

Xytech’s Media Operations Platform is the only end-to-end solution for the complete media content lifecycle.

In utilizing a Media Operations Platform, customers have complete visibility into scheduling tasks, personnel, assets, resources, and transmission from one place.  Manage your content, generate bids, invoices, and reports, and improve your workflow through system-generated automations.    

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