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Southern Cross Austereo

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is one of Australia’s leading media companies. Reaching more than 95% of the Australian population, SCA owns and operates 99+ stations. Under its Triple M Network, SCA airs the National Rugby League (NRL), the Australian Football League (AFL), and Cricket Australian Coverage. Its radio coverage includes pregame, live events, and post-game analyses.

Before implementing Xytech’s Media Operations Platform™, SCA managed programming for nearly 100 stations in spreadsheets and emails. Due to the dynamic nature of sports programming, this lack of centralization led to increased time spent “off-air.”

SCA sought to implement a top-down, centralized solution that enabled data to be visible to key stakeholders across multiple departments. SCA wanted the ability to customize the solution with automation to increase efficiencies and workflows across dispersed teams. Additionally, SCA wanted the ability to filter information relevant to specific groups.

In implementing Xytech’s Media Operations Platform™, SCA reduced the need for spreadsheets, word docs, and emails as they had real-time visibility into the day-to-day operations and programming of its 99 stations.

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