Granite, the foundational release of Xytech’s Media Operations Platform™, is now available to all customers of Xytech who utilize the cloud. In releasing Granite, Xytech will be sunsetting the MediaPulse name.  Going forward, Xytech’s Media Operations Platform will upgrade its platform in four seasonal releases a year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Granite, which was initially released to a beta group of customers in Winter ’22, was built on more than 14,000 hours of development and incorporates more than 1,200 pieces of direct customer feedback.

With over 400 enhancements, Granite is the first release since the Banneker acquisition of Xytech last year.  Here are the top new features, and how they will enhance your media workflows:

Improved Usability:

The first change you will notice is that in upgrading to Granite, you can customize your login screen. In calendar, set your own colors and hours to view your day, your way. In schedule book you can now filter for only what you need to identify.  Add your own customizable filters and save your views to access them quickly and easily in the future.  Remove noise and focus on what really matters in the production of your content.  Compare bids side-by-side with color to identify resources, and costs, and weigh the value of those resources to your business.   We’ve worked hard to reduce the number of clicks it takes to submit an order, or search for a media asset.  We know how complex your media workflows are and we are working hard to save you time in offering a more efficient platform.


Better Performance:

In setting out to create a better performing media operations platform, we thought about efficiency, first. Have the same event occurring on multiple days? Save time and by automating your bids with “occurrence dates.”  Reduce manual work and the risks of mistakes, while improving the efficiency of your team.  Calculate capacity with long-term “capacity planning,” and accurately depict the future, while utilizing your information from the past.


Higher Quality:

Leading up to the Granite release, we developed a beta program where clients spent over 400 hours beta testing the platform.  The Xytech Media Operations Platform has dozens of improved, or new integrations.  Through Granite we have improved our OpenID and Azure AD integrations and enhanced our integrations with Microsoft, google, QuickBooks Acumatica ERP, and many others.  We’ve addressed performance and scalability with faster loading pages, and media orders that have increased in responsiveness.  Finally, security is and always has been a top priority.  We’re thrilled to announce that Xytech is now ISO 27001 certified.