Xytech and KitPlus at IBC 2019

Xytech and KitPlus at IBC 2019

Greg Dolan talks to KitPlus about the latest features in the 2019 release of MediaPulse at IBC.

One of the main features of MediaPulse being showcased at IBC is the completely re-designed user interface. This re-design is Xytech’s response to the recent market need to place targeted functionality in the hands of every staff member, freelancer and vendor in order to create a seamless end-to-end automated workflow. In order to do this properly, the UI is now completely intuitive and can operate on any device.

About Xytech

For over 30 years, the world’s premiere media companies have depended on Xytech to run their businesses. MediaPulse is the only end-to-end solution for the complete content lifecycle. MediaPulse provides scheduling, automation, asset management, billing and cost recovery for broadcasters, media services companies and transmission facilities in a scalable platform-independent solution.

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