TV Technology:  No Longer ‘Business as Usual’

TV Technology: No Longer ‘Business as Usual’

TV Technology magazineWhile the content community has aggressively blazed new paths when it comes to disseminating content across multiple formats, one struggle has gone on mostly behind the scenes.

Business management systems—those intricately connected backroom systems that couple scheduling with ad sales and the like—have had to compensate for these new platforms and opportunities, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing profitability along the way.

Along with programmatic solutions, the demand for improved workflows is a market-wide priority. But with so much bantering around of this “w” word, what does workflow actually mean? “The term means so many different things to each and every facility,” said Greg Dolan, of Xytech Systems, a Mission Hills, Calif.-based provider of facility management software tools. “From media manufacturing decisions, budget milestones, signal path creation, rostering, equipment rental, asset management, and on and on, the workflows just pile up. Each one is crucial and each one must be managed and tracked in a configurable, transparent manner.”

That’s a component of the company’s Media Pulse solution, which has the ability to tie all of these workflows across the entire spectrum into a cohesive system, he said.
The newest version of the platform-agnostic Media Pulse addresses production, broadcasting, media services and transmission. For broadcasters, the system addresses scheduling, resource management and content management, allowing elements within the video transmission chain to be managed. On the production side, the system can manage financial information, personnel, technical resources and media assets.

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