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MediaPulse - Transmission Mgmt

The world’s premier broadcasters rely on MediaPulse Transmission to ensure smooth operation through automated feed management, device automation, bandwidth utilization and accurate billing all delivered on any device connected to the internet.

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Transmission Management Info

Powered by ScheduLINK, our satellite transmission software delivers comprehensive operational dashboards and financial tools optimized for use in your environment. The MediaPulse system supports vendor profiles, rates and automated transaction processing with simple order entry screens.

Storing all technical parameters creates automated end-to-end signal paths, performs parameter-based technical evaluations, resolves conflicts and manages complex satellite and fiber inventories.

From transmission architecture and SDN to high output satellites and fiber, the ecosystem is dynamic. It is our mission to provide a powerful platform compatible with the nature of today’s applications. 

  •  Unlimited automation capabilities with adaptors for Miranda, Avid Airspeed, Avid Capture, SNMP devices and all elements in your digital supply chain
  • Arrival Board optimized for display of transmission-related job data
  • Complete cost tracking and financial reporting tools
  • Alerts, alarms and notifications keep you informed in real time
  • Improve efficiency and reduce staff requirements through streamlined order entry and validation
  • Personalize each screen to your exact requirements
  • Monitor and track all media management operations
  • Scalable to support any size operation

Xytech Solutions

Resource optimization is key to success in today’s environment. That’s why the world’s best media organizations choose Xytech.
Get the right crew on the right job, on time and on budget by managing schedules, qualifications and personnel rules.
Quickly set rosters, assign tasks, communicate schedules and record actualized time with just a few clicks.
Take control of all of your media assets and metadata in a single comprehensive solution.
Automated and manual operations can be organized, tracked and completed within a single order with MediaPulse.
Take control with operational and financial tools specifically designed for the transmission environment.

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