MediaPulse is the most comprehensive resource, work order and asset management solution available to Broadcasters, Studios, Media Services companies and Transmission Service providers.

MediaPulse Info

The robust and flexible architecture manages not only today’s requirements but is designed for your future needs. Specifically created to provide operational mastery and financial control to our clients’ facilities, MediaPulse provides a transparent and evolutionary solution for all resource, media based and transmission workflow requirements.

The driving force behind MediaPulse is a commitment to deliver custom configured software with the economies of a commercially available software package.

MediaPulse Sky UI Datasheet

MediaPulse  Technology Datasheet

  • Completely configurable user interface on the web and mobile devices

  • Configure UI for each person and task

  • Integrated reporting tool supports KPI monitoring and custom forms without customizations

  • Asset management solution supports physical and digital media with federated, personalized searching

  • Media order scripting allowing complex workflows to be initiated from very simple order screens

  • Automated delivery of reports to predefined schedules 

  • Completely internationalized, including error messages, prompts Language packs and currency

Introduction to MediaPulse

Watch this video to get the picture on MediaPulse. In just a minute, you’ll gain an understanding of the range of functions and applications of the MediaPulse system.

Introduction to MediaPulse

Sky is Xytech’s new web UI for MediaPulse, supported by web browsers. This video provides a quick run through of the charts feature in MediaPulse Sky.

MediaPulse : Calendar Gadgets

The Calendar Gadget is a true calendar view of the Schedule Book and supports the display of various filters for Jobs, Work Orders, Transactions, Quick Holds and Rosters. Select an individual resource or a collection of resources to maintain a high visibility of your scheduled content.

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The most comprehensive resource, work order and asset management solution for today's modern media organizations.
Streamline and automate content processing workflows and information flow across departments and vendors.
Monthly subscription solution with a flexible user count to expand or contract with your business.
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