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MediaPulse - Digital Order

The MediaPulse Digital Order workflow streamlines and automates content processing workflows and information flow across departments and vendors. Propelled by intuitive workflow programming and built-in decision making, both equipment and people are directed to perform their required tasks at the right time.

Digital Order Info

Digital Order provides a comprehensive, easy to use scripting language for non-technical users. It allows the creation of comprehensive workflows. These workflows tie into and orchestrate other systems and their automation. Built-in decision making evaluates complex conditions and run your facility, only needing intervention on exceptions. Workflows run automatically day-and-night increasing your throughput.

Xytech’s 30-year history of innovation makes MediaPulse ideal for an implementation across your entire facility resulting in one seamless system for maximum efficiency, automating tasks, reducing redundant data entry, producing KPI charts and resource management. No other product offers such breadth of functionality.

Digital Order automates your workflows. Operational events are created, transmitted to systems and monitored for status. Automated tasks are combined with manual tasks to create a simple-to-operate and powerful platform for managing entire facilities, with end-to-end process and cost tracking. Workflows contain automated operations such as watch folders triggers, transcoding, QC and delivery, as well as manual operations such as captioning, and ingest. These are created and started with just a few clicks.

Operations are optionally associated to rates for cost tracking and invoicing, and to resources for scheduling. Seamless integration with MetaVault™ allows access to asset libraries whether physical or digital.

  • Manages entire facility workflow including people and equipment for maximum efficiency
  • Built in decision making allows for larger and fewer orchestrated workflows
  • Launch Order workflows for departments or vendors
  • Configure workflows with easy-to-use scripting
  • Emails and alerts provide real time updates
  • Queue management for all manual and automated tasks
  • Sophisticated workflow monitoring and analysis with dashboards and charts
  • Search assets and quickly trigger workflows
  • Recurring watch folder workflows manage file movement and renaming
  • Pre-built adapters for common transcode, delivery, QC and DAM systems
  • MAM integration auto syncs metadata, proxy
  • Development platform for custom adapters
  • Available as PaaS or on-premise
  • Mobile device compatible web UI
  • Role-based security controls access to data
  • Audit trail tracks system activity, data changes
  • Automatically assign resources to workflowsLa

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