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MediaPulse - Crewing

Get the right crew on the right job, on time and on budget. This module helps you assemble crews based on qualifications and availability while easily integrating with third party payroll systems. Also, Personnel Rules instantly notify you of scheduling conflicts for resources or labor that may affect the budget.

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Crewing Info

For today’s broadcasters, management of crews is more vital than ever. MediaPulse Crewing is a crucial tool in managing crew schedules, qualifications, personnel rules and payroll.

MediaPulse masters the ever changing needs of production and post-production scheduling, identifying the proper resources for the job and alerting you quickly if any scheduling conflicts or conditions could ultimately have budget and payroll implications. Schedulers can easily find and book the ideal resources based on qualifications and availability via a user friendly and configurable interface.

  • End-to-end crewing tool takes you from planning to payroll
  • Notification tools alert crews as soon as they have been scheduled
  • Conflict checking and Personnel Rules
  • Payroll penalties are controlled by issuing warnings and alerts on pre-configured parameters
  • Days off and bookings management in a single system
  • All crewing qualifications and rules are configurable within the application

Xytech Solutions

Resource optimization is key to success in today’s environment. That’s why the world’s best media organizations choose Xytech.
Get the right crew on the right job, on time and on budget by managing schedules, qualifications and personnel rules.
Quickly set rosters, assign tasks, communicate schedules and record actualized time with just a few clicks.
Take control of all of your media assets and metadata in a single comprehensive solution.
Automated and manual operations can be organized, tracked and completed within a single order with MediaPulse.
Take control with operational and financial tools specifically designed for the transmission environment.

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