Webinar Topic: NAB2016 Sneak Peek
Date recorded: April 13, 2016

This year’s MediaPulse includes hundreds of new features — most importantly, the new Automated Order Management.

At last, all elements in a workflow, human or mechanical, are automated through the order process. Remarkably robust workflows are initiated and monitored through an easy to configure, simple to use order screen. With just a few clicks through MediaPulse’s Fuse Integration Platform the order is created and all the tasks are set in motion.

The webinar focuses on end to end workflows from an international broadcaster managing 20,000 shows a year along with out of the box integrations.

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Webinar Topic: NAB2015 Review
Date recorded: May 21, 2015

See all the MediaPulse 2015 features we showcased at NAB.

The MediaPulse mission is to blend the many different tasks of a modern facility into one seamless, enterprise solution. From a single user to thousands, on-premises or in the cloud, PC or Mac – our industry leading solution enables you to regain control of your facility and overcome the challenges of today’s competitive business climate.

Highlights from this webinar:

  • Automated workflows, in conjunction with Telestream’s Vantage®, joining order management through fulfillment and invoicing
  • Next generation of our SKY web interface
  • New Crewing Module with a specialty focus on Sports Remotes
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Webinar Topic: Exploring MediaPulse Transmission
Date recorded: November 5, 2014

Highlights include:

  • Management of all technical parameters and the creation of end-to-end signal paths.
  • How to perform parameter-based technical evaluations and resolve conflicts automatically.
  • Using the MediaPulse Transmission system to automate the control of switchers, antennas and IRDs, as well as MAM systems.
  • Using our automation capabilities with Miranda, Avid AirSpeed, Avid Capture, SNMP devices and every element in your digital supply chain.
  • Viewing the Arrival Board, optimized for display of transmission-related job data.
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Webinar Topic: NAB2014 Review
Date recorded: June 11, 2014

Highlights include:

  • SKY 2014: The latest version of our platform-independent, browser-based interface for MediaPulse, SKY 2014 now includes a user configurable interface, complete scheduling application and real time dashboards for user-defined KPIs.
  • Media Order & Transmission Order: With our updated Media Order and Transmission Order modules, you can now create complex order profiles with one click. We’ve also added a web-deployed Arrivals Board, allowing thousands of users to see the status of all feeds at a glance.
  • New Adapters: New adapters for Miranda, Telestream, Avid AirSpeed and Avid Capture make it easier than ever to embed MediaPulse into your operation and automate complicated media workflows. You can also add any hardware platform to the MediaPulse ecosystem with our MediaPulse Adapter technology and new SNMP tool.
  • MetaVault MAM: With the introduction of MetaVault MAM, you have access to a complete content backbone for the creation and storage of files, proxies and metadata. You can integrate multiple MAMs into a comprehensive, federated solution.
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