Xytech Product Videos

From general overviews to feature specific tutorials, use the product videos below to learn all about Xytech and our MediaPulse solution. MediaPulse users can view even more product videos in the tutorial section under settings. 

MediaPulse: A Quick Intro

Watch this video to get the picture on MediaPulse. In just a minute, you’ll gain an understanding of the range of functions and applications of the MediaPulse system.

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MediaPulse: Calendar Gadgets

The Calendar Gadget is a true calendar view of the Schedule Book and supports the display of various filters for Jobs, Work Orders, Transactions, Quick Holds and Rosters. Select an individual resource or a collection of resources to maintain a high visibility of your scheduled content.

MediaPulse: Charts

This video provides a quick run through of the chart feature in MediaPulse Sky.

Introduction to Dash

Created for the media and broadcast industry, Dash is a cloud based scheduling software platform accessible on any device. Built to manage the operational needs of smaller facilities, the subscription-based software takes just a few days to implement and enables smaller video departments and post-production operations the ability to leverage Xytech’s world-class workflow capabilities.

Media Orchestrator

Watch this short video to gain an understanding of the MediaPulse Visualizer.  Hear from President and CEO, Richard Gallagher, as he discusses Xytech’s methodology behind automation and the benefits of selecting Xytech as a partner. Also hear from VP of Professional Services, Tanmay Goel, as he walks through some of the major key functions of the Visualizer.

Hello: MediaPulse Language Pack

Xytech’s facility management software, MediaPulse, streamlines the many languages spoken within a company. With MediaPulse Language Pack, one user can be working in French and another in English all on the same MediaPulse Platform. From colleagues to customers, from one country to another, MediaPulse was designed to seamlessly connect communication of all users.

MediaPulse Tips & Tricks

Watch these short ‘how to’ videos on MediaPulse. 

Call Sheet Report
Report Writer Conditional Formatting Rules
Report Writer Field Visibility
Multi-Select Dropdown in Calendar Gadgets
Add Custom Values to Booking Bar in Schedule Book
Bids and Schedule Book 
Dropdown Standard Reference 
Report Templates
Corner Flags 
Six Schedule Book Features
Event Triggers
Creating and Editing Bookings
MetaVault Search 
Embedded Grid Blocks
Custom Hyperlink and Mask Fields 
Column Expression
Saved Filters
Document Customization 
Grid Update
Rapid Update
Swap or Move Back
Hyperlinks and Alerts
Schedule a Report
Create Custom Buttons
Create a Dashboard 
Creating Charts
API and WSDL Generator
Accessing MediaPulse Tutorials 
Add a Favorite
Hot Keys