Xytech Videos

From general overviews to feature specific tutorials, use the videos below to learn all about Xytech and our MediaPulse solution.

MediaPulse: A Quick Intro

Watch this video to get the picture on MediaPulse. In just a minute, you’ll gain an understanding of the range of functions and applications of the MediaPulse system.

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MediaPulse: Calendar Gadgets

The Calendar Gadget is a true calendar view of the Schedule Book and supports the display of various filters for Jobs, Work Orders, Transactions, Quick Holds and Rosters. Select an individual resource or a collection of resources to maintain a high visibility of your scheduled content.

MediaPulse: Charts

This video provides a quick run through of the chart feature in MediaPulse Sky.

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MediaPulse: Tips & Tricks

Watch these videos to learn more about how to use MediaPulse. 


Generate API and WSDL

Access Tutorial Videos

Create a Dashboard

Creating Charts

Schedule a Report

Create Custom Buttons

Swap or Move Back

Hyperlink and Alerts

Grid Update

Rapid Update

Saved Filters

Document Customization

MetaVault Search

Document Customization - Embedded Grid Blocks

Custom Hyperlink and Mask Fields

Column Expression

Event Triggers

Creating and Editing Bookings