Xytech Videos

From general overviews to feature specific tutorials, use the videos below to learn all about Xytech and our MediaPulse solution.

MediaPulse: A Quick Intro

Watch this video to get the picture on MediaPulse. In just a minute, you’ll gain an understanding of the range of functions and applications of the MediaPulse system.

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MediaPulse Sky: Platform-Independent, Browser-Based Interface

Sky is an easy to configure, out of the box solution delivering MediaPulse to your staff wherever they are. Sky supports all popular operating systems, including Mac and iOS, Android and Windows.

MediaPulse Sky: Charts

This video provides a quick run through of the chart feature in MediaPulse Sky.

MediaPulse: Adding a Favorite

Watch this video to see how to add a favorite to your MediaPulse.

MediaPulse: Creating a Custom Button

Watch this video to see how to turn an action item into a Custom Button on MediaPulse.

MediaPulse: Saved Search

Watch this video to see how to add a Saved Search to a Search List on MediaPulse.

MediaPulse: Schedule Book Basics

This video provides a quick run through of the major features and functions in the MediaPulse Schedule Book.

MediaPulse Transmission: Overview

In under three minutes, understand how easy MediaPulse Transmission is to use.

MediaPulse Transmission: Creating an Order

A short tutorial on creating and managing new bookings in MediaPulse Transmission.

MediaPulse Transmission: Master Control Room Views

Learn how to view MCR activities from multiple perspectives and to control what information is displayed to operators.

MediaPulse Transmission: Optimizing Capacity Utilization

See how easy it is to optimize utilization across all of your transmission services.

MediaPulse Transmission: Managing Fiber Capacity

See how MediaPulse supports all the complexities involved in delivering media content over fiber networks.

MediaPulse Transmission: Managing Services

Use Service Templates to load in resources, routings, and all necessary data to support an order.

MediaPulse Transmission: Using the Sky HTML5 User Interface

Sky makes it easy to deploy MediaPulse Transmission anywhere — to tablets, Macs, PCs — and to anyone, including clients and partners.