MediaPulse Projects

Top broadcasting and media companies select MediaPulse to manage and implement all of their scheduling, asset management and financial needs. 

Broadcasting Operations

  • For one of the largest broadcasters in the United States automated the entire workflow from beginning to end. This includes 20,000 shows per year on 8 different television channels. 85% of the steps are automated and significant increase in efficiency were attained using management by exception.
  • For one of the largest broadcasters in the world replaced 21 different systems to manage the entire facility. The gains were scheduling, billing, costing, and managing of their vault.
  • Implemented local advertising sales division of the nation’s largest video provider. System is used to manage the Bid, Scheduling and Invoice workflows for all US West coast and Mountain Area advertisements.
  • One of the country’s leading public television stations schedules their staff and soundstages for broadcasting purposes.
  • The largest wrestling promotion company in the world, with 36 million viewers across 150 countries manages their broadcast facility, including 70 Edit Bays, 6 Audio Bays, 5 Studios, 191 Audio Engineers, Editors and On-Air talent.
  • Manages in-house editing facility for organization behind a world famous professional sports tour.
  • Implemented solution for accurate Job Costing and Personnel Management enabling Creative Department to streamline operations and account for internal resourcing.
  • Consolidation of Asset Management systems to a single metadata repository across all regional sites and libraries.
  • For a major network comprised of multiple television stations, MediaPulse completely automated the entire workflow from acquiring content to playout. Both machines and personnel were instructed the work to perform. The efficiencies allowed them to manage by exception using 90% standard functionality.
  • Provided media management and media workflow to highly integrated concept-to-screen program marketing at world’s largest cable network for family entertainment.
  • Consolidated 11 production, post-production, mobile unit, business management, and accounting systems into a single seamless solution within our media and business applications for Atlanta’s premier content generator.
  • Replaced the existing JD Edwards ERP tape library system and enabled an Asset request workflow via a web portal. Orders are created via the API and automatically sent to a vault queue for fulfillment.
  • Media Archive department of the largest television network in Brazil manages over 700,000 physical assets and a significant inventory of raw stock. Developed enhancement that allows assignment of assets to specific slots on a shelf and a graphical shelf viewer that displays shelf status.
  • American television station uses MediaPulse’s to schedule reporters, photographers, anchors, engineers, creative services personnel and their activities, as well as equipment and trucks. MediaPulse also supports scheduling of master control for the station.
  • A sports network in Africa utilizes MediaPulse to manage its production logistics, crew and crew logistics. With a complex and time-sensitive environment, MediaPulse manages flights, hotels, car rental, visa and vaccination requirements, along with other logistical assignments, to help get the games on the air. Work orders include five different currencies.

Corporate Media

  • One of the world’s largest media and entertainment company implemented MediaPulse resource scheduling for their COVID-19 testing and tracking. The company was able to manage work eligibility for staff and crew on film and television productions across all studios.  Additionally, MediaPulse will track costs associated with COVID-19 testing, ordering and cost tracking for Personal Protective Equipment and testing appointment notifications for cast and crew.

  • For the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of jet airlines manage over 150 departments. Reducing vendors and servers significantly saves IT costs while providing visibility to outside departments.

  • Provided custom production studio workflows for one of the largest insurance companies in America.
  • Manage video production for several global banking companies.
  • One of the worlds largest technology company implements MediaPulse for corporate communications, custom event services and marketing outreach.  MediaPulse’s Schedule Book is used to coordinate crew and equipment to record meetings, create podcasts, web streams and conventions worldwide.  Extensive use of Outlook Integration.


  • Implemented at a prestigious religious corporation that produces and distributes thousands of hours of televised programming annually and hosts hundreds of community events and member conferences. Production staff efficiently manages the scheduling of hundreds of volunteers, production crews, event space, and equipment at various locations in different time zones.
  • Converted an obsolete legacy management system for a distance learning university, streaming the booking process for facilities and equipment with a cloud solution, reducing costs and increasing booking throughput.


  • A Major Government Agency utilizes MediaPulse to manage the production and distribution of live streaming, broadcasting and recorded content of important events. Implemented MediaPulse Cloud to protect and secure classified data. Converted to a paperless automated workflow. Utilizes MediaPulse custom router switch to automatically connect the appropriate receive and transmit circuits for a specific feed at the scheduled event start and end times. Uses MediaPulse SKY to access Transmission Operations to manage and update feeds in real-time throughout the day.

Post Production

  • Implementation of Scheduling and Billing solution enabling higher utilization and increased billing efficiency for a renown post production company.
  • Provided an integrated toolset for a Digital Cinema provider to enable a seamless efficient workflow for Scheduling, Asset Management, Billing and Reporting.
  • Consolidation of multiple disparate systems and implementation of customer schedule import and financial Export to client’s financial system.
  • Replaced a major network’s historical Vendor ordering system in a two-phased project with multiple integration layers.
  • Implemented new Promo Ordering workflow in Asia while successfully supporting double byte character and foreign language packs.
  • Largest post-production company in India implemented across multiple facilities.
  • New York Based premium cable provider deployed media and job management solutions to overhaul their post-production-to-distribution workflow and media library management for dramatic and live event content.
  • A premium cable network manages all its production content material at offices in New York and Santa Monica. Transitioned from a highly–customized workflow to an out-of-the-box implementation.
  • Burbank audio facility uses Schedule Book to manage post-production work and streamline the use of their facilities and personnel.
  • Provided standard product with commercial accounting adapter to replace paper workflow at Hollywood post house.

Studio Production

  • New studio in China implemented standard Bidding, Scheduling and Billing workflows at the largest soundstages in the world. When fully built out, it will contain 30 soundstages, 24 production workshops, tenant office space, backlot with permanently constructed sets and two outdoor water tanks.
  • Premier multimedia production company manages production facility, post-production teams and mobile units, while supporting the highest capacity sports venue in the world implemented an end to end solution.
  • Implemented core workflow solutions for this iconic media and entertainment leader. Their 15-acre property provides 400,000 square feet of leased office space for film and television production companies and 12 sound stages including set lighting and grip equipment.
  • Hollywood production studio manages complex file based workflows and bi-directional interfaces to their external asset management system and corporate accounting software.
  • Content creation company founded by legendary Hollywood director uses MediaPulse to track all original film and elements for all productions.
  • Library solution manages premier animation production studio responsible for 50 of the highest grossing films of all time.
  • Implemented a new scheduling and library system for the Studio Post Production department of a major studio, including development of a new split Billing interface to client’s financial system.
  • Historic Hollywood network TV production studio implemented to manage production scheduling, library and finance for thousands of annual game shows, daytime drama and talent contests episodes annually. $1M of missed billing recovered each month.
  • Managed the crewing of 4,500 people for the largest sporting event in the world, the Olympics. Capabilities include scheduling, work assigned, payroll rules, time card, budgeting, forecasting, and travel/accommodations logistics.
  • Implemented our Cloud solution for a remote sports television production company to crew events, track resource utilization and job costing, as well as create purchase orders and track labor.
  • Provided solution for business unit of the second largest television viewership and fan base of professional sports franchises in the country. A full-service video and digital production company using Bidding through Invoicing workflow to support their state-of-the art production studios located in Charlotte, N.C.
  • Implemented scheduling and time tracking solutions to replace multiple separate legacy systems and reports at one of the busiest music ticketing venues in the world.
  • Implemented Scheduling, Time Card and Invoicing workflows for the largest lighting design firm on the US East coast.
  • Launched a crewing and equipment tracking system for a mobile television production company in Europe.


  • Implemented a solution to schedule and route satellite feeds for a major international news network. Developed integrations with the client’s satellite automation and capture recording systems.
  • Replacing legacy Scheduling tool and multiple integrations for Personnel Management and Financial Management with client’s financial system. Implemented Transmission workflows to schedule and track thousands of monthly feeds to streamline billing of services.
  • Configured Transmission workflows for a French-language sports broadcasting company in Quebec. Manages the distribution of over 4,000 hours of live programming each year.