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All Mobile Video (AMV) is the country’s premier provider of end-to-end video and audio solutions for entertainment, sports, and news programming and events. AMV offers a full spectrum of services, including large soundstages in Manhattan (the famous Chelsea Studios) and Los Angeles, with complete post production capabilities, equipment rental services, television master control and streaming media facilities, and remote broadcast production and editing trucks. The company also provides mobile satellite uplink services worldwide to support major sporting events like the Super Bowl, award shows and news gathering organizations.

The company comprises several operating groups that utilize separate fiscal years and general ledgers. However, AMV managers must have visibility into equipment, facility, and personnel availabilities and bookings across all business groups. They must be able to access and schedule resources regardless of the operating group they belong to officially, while maintaining clear, accurate accountings of utilization and costs for reporting purposes.

AMV has been a Xytech customer since 1995 and migrated from their original Xytech Myriad implementation to Xytech Enterprise in 2000. They began planning a migration to MediaPulse in early 2014 and completed the project that summer.

Managers in each AMV operating company now have full visibility into booked and available resources. They can efficiently schedule resources as needed to satisfy their clients’ requirements without creating bottlenecks or scheduling conflicts in sister facilities’ operations. Each operating unit still maintains its own accounting system, but managers can pull reports on every aspect of the business operations, including job cost, profitability, and utilization reports that access scheduling, job and work order data across boundaries between operating groups.