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MediaPulse - Personnel Management

Managing personnel is more complicated than ever. Understanding where staff needs to be, providing timely information and understanding costs for staff and freelancers with different rules sets challenges every facility no matter the size. 

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Personnel Management Info

MediaPulse manages all aspects of your personnel scheduling needs. Our intuitive tools allow you to quickly set rosters, assign tasks, communicate schedules and record actualized time with just a few clicks. Our payroll rules engine computes in real time any potential payroll violations and their cost implications offering alternative staff for each position on your roster.

Powerful conflict checking eliminates double booking and vets assignments against qualifications so the right person is doing the right job.

  • Configurable Notifications alert crews automatically

  • Time card functionality and events actualization quickly capture what happened and compares to what was supposed to happen

  • Manage availability, days off and bookings in a single system

  • Configurable web portal allows staff to easily see assignments, request time off and accept assignments

  • Workflows direct approvals of actuals, overtime and entitlements

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