Next TV News NAB 2017

Next TV News NAB 2017

By Stephen Knell – October 26, 2017

Xytech COO Greg Dolan NAB New YorkAs larger broadcasters look for solutions to help manage their production operations and workflows, few companies in that space offer solutions for “the little guys,” production houses that have a handful of employees but still need to manage more than a handful of production tasks.

In addition to showing MediaPulse,  Xytech’s comprehensive operations management system for larger houses and broadcasters, Xytech’s Sky Express, a fully cloud-based solution for smaller production companies, was shown at NAB NY 2017 as well.

Broadcasters and production houses use MediaPulse to schedule productions for the enterprise as a whole. As a result, production freelancers such as a camera operators, editors, or audio technicians can check in with the software to both determine scheduling needs and report back availabilities.

Xytech’s Doug Gingrave showed us an example of this workflow.

“I’m a small production company. I can go in and look at all my productions. From here I can see, hey, I’ve got this thing going on with Skylight Productions, I’ve got three days where I’m out in the field shooting, I’ve got a P.O. out there for a piece of gear I’m renting, and I’m doing some audio work and some other online editing.  If I want to see who’s working on it, like camera guys, who’s doing audio, it’s all here.”

As companies continue to embrace SaaS and cloud-based products, Sky Express functions completely in the cloud, which allows small companies the option to use a lower cost, subscription-based service but still offer a full-featured operations management solution.  “For companies like us, it’s absolutely essential,” said Greg Dolan, COO of Xytech at NAB NY 2017, in an interview with “You have a lot of small houses now, they were just thrilled. They didn’t need any servers, it’s all hosted with us,” said Gingrave. “Let me put my freelancers in, put in my resource information, it’s super quick and simple, or I can be as complicated and detailed as I want.”

Contact Xytech: +1.818.698.4900 (US) or +44 203.478.1450 (UK).
Reprinted/published with the permission of Next TV News, October 2017
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