MetaVault Media Asset Management


A game changer for media asset management – supporting both digital and physical media in one integrated platform

Used by world renowned studios and broadcasters, MetaVault allows you to easily manage your media assets and metadata within a single comprehensive solution.

Product Overview

While other systems provide you with only one metadata record to describe both an asset and its content, MetaVault splits ‘title’ metadata records from ‘media asset’ metadata records, freeing you to create ‘many-to-many’ relationships between the two.

Assets can be linked together so that each title can be associated with many different media assets, while a media asset can be associated with various titles.

MetaVault supports Digital and Physical media with multiple metadata profiles tailored to the exact requirement of the formats and wrappers you use.

  • Provides a complete content backbone for the creation and storage of files, proxies and metadata.
  • Supports easy labeling and RFID capabilities for physical media.
  • Supports multiple metadata standards simultaneously.
  • Adaptor architecture drives easy integration with multiple MAMs to create a fully federated solution.
  • MetaVault Movement tracks the movement of all physical and file-based media assets while providing a complete audit trail.
  • Configurable schema allows for dynamic expansion of the system without the need for any customization.

Quick intro to MetaVault

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