MediaPulse Transmission

MediaPulse Transmission

Ensuring smooth operations, automated feed management, device automation, bandwidth utilization and accurate billing for the world’s premier broadcasters.

Enterprise-class operational and financial management tools specifically designed for the transmission environment.

Product Overview

Combining MediaPulse Transmission with Fuse and Digital Order enables you to transmit bookings directly to other systems in the transmission chain with a simple configuration.

Real-time feedback is also available on your display, via emails or through system alerts. Our Arrivals Board is optimized for display of transmission related job data anywhere there is internet connectivity.

  • Unlimited integration capabilities with adaptors for Miranda, Avid AirSpeed, Avid Capture, Net Insight, SNMP devices and all elements in your digital supply chain
  • Supports fully automated billing for transmission jobs & handles even the most complex rate cards
  • Complete cost tracking & financial reporting tools
  • Improves efficiency & reduces staff requirements through streamlined order entry and validation
  • Monitors & tracks all media management operations
  • Scalable to support any size operation

Quick intro to MediaPulse Transmission

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