MediaPulse Sky

MediaPulse Sky

MediaPulse, anywhere, on any device, for all your facility’s needs.

Sky is completely configurable to fit on any size screen.

Product Overview

Sky is a completely web based user interface to MediaPulse. Not just a portal, MediaPulse Sky is a complete user interface reimagined for the web and mobile devices. The interface is completely configurable for each user through MediaPulse’s Layout Editor. Now, for each screen, every user can have separate Client, Web and Mobile layouts.

Dashboards, Panels and Tabs all work together to give you a clean, easy yet robust user experience. Sky not only brings the full power of MediaPulse to web and mobile devices, but included a metric driven dashboard of topical charts and graphs to visualize your data in real time.

  • Supports Chrome, IE, Safari and Firefox
  • Engineered for iOS and Android
  • Real time KPI Dashboards are configurable for each user
  • MediaPulse Security enables user to decide who sees what data
  • Easily configured as a portal for clients to request services and access account information
  • Includes specialty tools such as My Agenda, Transmission Arrival Board and Customized Dashboards.

MediaPulse Sky Demonstration

MediaPulse Sky Charts

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