MediaPulse Digital Order

MediaPulse Digital Order

Automate, integrate and simplify your facility.

Digital Order offers a frictionless supply chain, enabling control over complicated orders, eliminating redundant data entry and automating workflows throughout your facility.

Product Overview

MediaPulse Digital Order is built to automate your workflows by converting order entry data into federated multi system operational instructions. The operational events are created, transmitted to adjacent systems and monitored. These are combined with manual tasks to create a simple to operate yet powerful platform for managing entire facilities.

Digital Order has transformed the operational efficiency of Xytech customers in the Network Broadcast market around the world. Clients managing over 20,000 titles per year have seen their entire supply chain automated through the use of scripted workflows and flexible system-to-system adapters all executed through easy to use Order Screens. With Digital Order, the goal of managing your facility by exception is now possible.

  • Master Queue of all actions in flight
  • Notifications for each step of your process.
  • Operations, Profiles and Specifications speed orders and track granular workflows
  • Fuse Integration Platform federates order and asset data with your vendors and clients
  • Orders are created through an simple form or through integrations with other systems
  • Web Based configurable dashboards to analyze work process and key project metrics

Quick intro to MediaPulse

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