New News…!

New News…!

So, where did we leave off? My friends Chris and Dayna, from Xytech’s PR & Marketing firm Ignite, are always hectoring me to update this blog. Now while I find myself endlessly entertaining, I don’t labor under the delusion that this feeling is universally felt. Really, how many times can you bear hearing me bleat on about how great Xytech is? But now I’ve got real news, and I really wanted to share it with all of you.

We have seen unprecedented growth in our New York business over the course of the past year, and we know that in order to maintain our dominant position in the market, we must continue to deliver innovative products, exceed the expectations of our customers, and attract great people… and I’m happy to say we have. We’ve added to our East Coast team and increased responsibilities of key staffers there.

Jim Hegarty now has expanded duties that give him primary responsibility for managing client implementations and service deliveries for the region. We are also happy to welcome Olga Djomparin and Michele Rey, who have joined us to lead project management and customer service for the area. Jim provides strong leadership for our East Coast team that works closely with our major clients in New York and beyond, and Olga and Michele bring seasoned project management focus to the group.

But wait… there’s more! Todd Avenarius has joined our LA office to lead the implementation of sales strategy for the company across the Americas and APAC in his new role as Director of Sales. Todd brings over 15 years of advanced strategic thinking in sales, sales operations, and communications to Xytech, and I consider him one of the best in the business. I know he will be an incredible asset to Xytech as we continue to expand globally.

On a personal note, Todd and Michele are friends from a previous career. I always enjoy introducing my old friends to my new ones, so I hope you get the opportunity to meet these folks soon. If you’re going to be in NY for SATCON, please stop by to say hello, as the whole gang will be there!

And speaking of SATCON, we’ll be making a major announcement regarding a new offering next week. So stay tuned…