JOBS Tab Page


Xytech Standard Project Maintenance Application Jobs Tab Page


This tab page is used to define which open job records may be linked to activity detail rows on the Activities Tab Page.

If a job record that is associated with a bid record is assigned to this tab page, that bid will be automatically added to the Bids Tab Page. Further, if a bid record is added to the Bids Tab Page and it has been associated with a job record, that job will be automatically added to this tab page. If the manually / automatically added job / bid record is deleted from the current project, and it has not been added to an activity / task row on the Activities Tab Page, the automatically / manually added bid / job will also be removed.


The job records on this tab page do not have to be associated in any way with the records linked on the other tab pages. Any open jobs can be added to the current project record regardless of bid, order, or other connection, but once assigned to a project, a job record may not be assigned to another project record.




The system displays the record ID number for the current project in this read-only field.




Enter a description in this required field (up to 255 characters, alphanumeric) to succinctly identify the current project.





Manually enter a job ID number or use the Lookup icon to the right of the field for help in locating one. After you select a job, its description and all other field values to the right will display as read-only values.

Once a value has been entered into this field and the record has been saved, this field will become read only.



All Other Fields

Once a job record has been linked to the current row, all of the rest of the fields on the row will automatically display as read-only values based on the values on the job.




Save & Close

Closes the window and saves any unsaved changes to the current record.




Closes the window and disregards any unsaved changes to the current record.


This button saves the current record.



Navigation Buttons

When the current record is opened via a search list, a set of navigation buttons will appear that allow you to navigate to (open) the next, previous, first, or last record in the list without leaving the window. Refer to the APPLICATION MAINTENANCE WINDOW BUTTONS AND TOOLS topic for more details.




This button opens the ATTACHMENTS WINDOW so that you can link one or more files to the current record. If attachments have already been linked to the record, the number of attached files will be listed in the button.




This button accesses the standard list of Actions items, which include the ability to save, refresh, duplicate, and delete the current record. For details on the standard Actions Button menu commands, refer to the APPLICATION MAINTENANCE WINDOW BUTTONS AND TOOLS topic.