Xytech Standard Personnel Rules Categories Setup Window


This window is only applicable if you are using the PERSONNEL RULES functionality.


Personnel rules categories are used to formulate the links between the Windows Workflow Activities that define specific rules and the PERSONNEL RULES SETS WINDOW.

Refer to the PERSONNEL RULES FEATURES AND REQUIREMENTS topic for details on the Personnel Rules feature.



Personnel rules categories may not be restricted to a particular work group or division; however, PERSONNEL RULES SETS may be restricted to certain work groups and/or divisions.






Enter a unique description for each personnel rules category you create.



Enter the tag that corresponds to a particular Windows Workflow Activity.


The value that needs to be entered in this field will be determined by the custom programming done to configure the corresponding personnel rule using Windows Workflow Activities and as established in the necessary MediaPulse configuration file(s).




This field controls whether the current item will be available for use by the system.


Inactive items will only display in this window if the Actives Only Field at the bottom left has been unchecked.




Manually type a note for the current line item. When you place your cursor in the field, a drop-down note box will appear. You can also open a separate text notes window that has additional features by clicking the associated pop-up icon .



Actives Only

This field controls whether the system displays inactive line items in this window.




Save & Close

Closes the window and saves any unsaved changes to the current record.




Closes the window and disregards any unsaved changes to the current record.



This button saves the current record.




This button opens the ATTACHMENTS WINDOW so that you can link one or more files to the current record. If attachments have already been linked to the record, the number of attached files will be listed in the button.



Actions / Layout Settings

These buttons access the standard list of Actions / Layout Settings Button commands, which include the ability to save, refresh, duplicate, and delete the current record. For details on the standard Actions Button menu commands, refer to the APPLICATION MAINTENANCE WINDOW BUTTONS AND TOOLS topic.

There are no special Actions Button commands for this window.