Xytech Standard Jobs Search List Window


The Jobs Search List Window gives you the ability to locate and access records created with the JOB MAINTENANCE APPLICATION as well as create new records. There are special Actions Button menu commands available for this window beyond the standard commands. Refer to the JOBS SEARCH LIST ACTIONS BUTTON MENU COMMANDS topic for details.

For information about using this and all other search list windows, refer to the SEARCH LIST WINDOW topics.


BASIC SEARCH for Records

Enter criteria in one or more of the fields above the columns at the top of the window if you're looking for a specific record or group of records and then hit the Enter key or click the Search Button. The system will limit the results of the search to the records that match the values entered in the fields above each column (if you’ve entered anything at all).

If you want to locate all existing records, hit Enter or click Search without entering any criteria.



For additional search criteria and to search by record creation dates, click the Advanced Search link found at the top right of this window. A new Criteria Window will open in which you can define your search criteria. Click the Search Button in this window when ready to perform your search.


OPEN/EDIT Existing Records

After locating the desired record row, click the hyperlink in Job No Field.


CREATE New Records

You can create new JOB records from this window in two ways:

1.     Click the Plus Icon  in the navigation bar at the bottom of this window.

2.     Click the Actions Button and select the New Job command.



If you commonly use the same search criteria to locate records, you may want to save a particular set of values to the Saved Searches list.

1.     Enter the desired criteria in the search fields above the columns in this window.

2.     Click the Saved Searches hyperlink in the top of this window. A Question Window opens.

3.     Click the Save As New Search Button from the Question Window. The Saved Search Window opens.


The Update Existing Search Button modifies the currently selected saved search to reflect the search criteria entered in the window. You can click the View Saved Searches Button to manage other saved searches. The Cancel Button cancels the process and the Help Button accesses this Help file.

4.     Enter a name for your search in the Saved Search Window and define the parameters of the saved search.

}  The Public field determines if everyone has access to this saved search or only you do. Activate the checkbox if you want others to be able to use the search.

}  The Default Field determines whether the saved search will be your default search. You can override the default if necessary.

}  If you have checked the Public field, the Visible To field determines if the saved search is available to users within the Current Division Only or available to all users in All Divisions.

5.     Click the OK Button to save the search. You will now see the search description in the drop-down field to the right of the Saved Searches hyperlink.

6.     When you select a saved search from the drop-down list, the search criteria assigned that saved search will automatically fill the appropriate fields.


Saved searches are stored by the system at the layout level, not the document level. So, if you save a search for one layout, it will not be available for any other layout.