Xytech Standard Contact Application Associates Tab Page



This tab page gives you the ability to establish an unlimited number of associates with each contact record you create.

You can add new associates by clicking the plus icon in the Associates Area. Once at least one line item exists in this area, you can then select a row and use the down arrow key to add new rows.

Selecting a particular line item in the Associates Area prompts the system to display details for that associate in the Associate Info and Associate Phone/E-Mail radio button areas.


Once you save the current record, the system will automatically create a new contact record for each new line item you add to the Associates Area based on the information you enter for the item.

The system assigns the next sequentially available contact record ID number to the newly created records, establishing each associate as a separate entity within MediaPulse.




Except for the following fields, the definitions of the fields on this tab page are the same as the ones on the CONTACT TAB PAGE.


Associates Notes

Allows you to enter text notes for the selected associate.



Primary Contact

The system uses the associate that has this field checked as the default value when it populates the Contact Field in other records throughout the system.




Save & Close

Closes the window and saves any unsaved changes to the current record.




Closes the window and disregards any unsaved changes to the current record.


This button saves the current record.




This button opens the ATTACHMENTS WINDOW so that you can link one or more files to the current record. If attachments have already been linked to the record, the number of attached files will be listed in the button.



Navigation Buttons

When the current record is opened via a search list, a set of navigation buttons will appear that allow you to navigate to (open) the next, previous, first, or last record in the list without leaving the window. Refer to the APPLICATION MAINTENANCE WINDOW BUTTONS AND TOOLS topic for more details.




This button accesses the standard list of Actions items, which include the ability to save, refresh, duplicate, and delete the current record. For details on the standard Actions Button menu commands, refer to the APPLICATION MAINTENANCE WINDOW BUTTONS AND TOOLS topic.

The following Action item is also available for this window:

Contact Detail Report Accesses the Contact Detail Report and uses information from the current contact record to populate the report. While similar to other contact reports, this report allows for a different layout and includes vendor and customer profile data as well as multiple phone values.