Xytech Standard Contact Application – Alternate Addresses Tab Page


This page gives you the ability to establish an unlimited number of alternate addresses for the following types of situations:

Bill To      Ship To      PO Ship To      Pay To      Statement

The system makes each of the alternate addresses available in corresponding drop-down list fields throughout MediaPulse when the current contact is assigned to a record.

Create a New Address

Click the plus icon  in the Alternate Address Area. Once at least one line item exists in this area, you can then select a row and use the down arrow key to add new rows. Enter the alternate address information in either the Alternate Address or Address Info Area. Selecting a particular line item in the Alternate Address Area prompts the system to display details for that address in the Address Info Area.

Edit Existing Addresses

Select the desired address line item in the Alternate Address Area and then make any desired changes in either the Alternate Address or Address Info Area.



The following notes affect “Ship To” data in movement records and the Media Order Maintenance Application’s movement records.

}  If a particular alternate address contains no value in its State Field, a comma does not display or print after the value in the City Field regardless of whether a ZIP / Postal Code Field value also exists. This practice supports those countries that do not use states or their equivalent.

}  If you have defined a default Country Field value in the PREFERENCES – SYSTEM WINDOW and the Country Field value for a Ship To type address is the same, the value will not display or print. This practice supports those sites that primarily ship to the same country as their established default and do not want to devote a separate line item for the data in their forms.

If you decide that you always want the Country Field value to display and print, you should leave the Default Country Field unpopulated in the PREFERENCES – SYSTEM WINDOW.