About Xytech

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Xytech is the leading provider of facility management software solutions for today’s media and broadcast companies.

Our Mission is Simple

We drive organizational efficiencies for our clients by providing a scalable, flexible platform enabling our clients to more effectively manage and execute their end-to-end business workflows.

Our clients’ successes are our successes.

Who We Are

Our core values of innovation, integrity and professionalism are central to our culture and are the predicates to all of our actions. We are driven to be valued partners, trusted change agents and creative problem solvers.

What We Do

We offer unparalleled proficiency to our customers with a flexible, transparent and evolutionary solution.  MediaPulse sets the standard for successfully managing the continuous business realignments that define the current dynamic landscape and is the heart of operations for hundreds of the world’s leading broadcasters.

MediaPulse’s collaborative platform enables easy interoperability with all systems in your ecosystem. This creates a seamless environment with our planning, scheduling and financial management tools, reducing redundant data entry and reducing touchpoints of all workflows. MediaPulse is a scalable, nimble solution streamlining operations, increasing visibility and optimizing efficiencies across the range of activities comprised in today’s media enterprise.

Our History

Xytech/Xymox History Timeline

Xytech Leadership Team

Richard Gallagher

Richard Gallagher – President and CEO

Richard Gallagher serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Xytech. In addition to his executive duties, Richard leads the Product Development Group for the company, focusing on the continued expansion of the MediaPulse suite of applications.

In 1984, Richard founded Medical Digital Technologies, Inc. Under this banner, he designed and coded the MED–OCCUR software system, which was sold to over 600 doctors, surgery centers and medical clinics around the U.S. In 1988, he designed a Facility Management System for post production companies and founded Xymox Systems. With the acquisition of Gentech in 1998, the company changed its name to Xytech Systems, and Richard was named CEO. He assumed the additional role of President in 2004.

When not working with software, Richard was a two-time Ultimate Frisbee National Champion, and he was voted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame in 2015.

Peter Tanke

Peter Tanke – Chief Operating Officer

Peter Tanke serves as Managing Director of Xytech EMEA, Ltd., overseeing all of Xytech’s efforts in Europe in an executive capacity. Additionally Peter is responsible for Xytech’s overall Product Strategy. In 1974 Peter launched his career at WCET-TV where he assisted in the broadcast facility design. In 1979 he founded Tanke Production Services, Inc., providing video production and consulting services to organizations such as HBO, ESPN and Entertainment Tonight. In 1985 Peter was recruited by corporate communications firm Motivation Media, Inc. to manage their growing video production/post production facility and was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations in 1989.

Greg Dolan

Greg Dolan – Chief Commercial Officer

Greg Dolan directs Xytech’s sales and marketing organizations worldwide and plays a key role in setting the strategic direction of the company. Greg joined Xytech after more than decade at the helm another company in the Enterprise Resource Management space firm, where he was the primary driver for the company’s growth. As the senior executive, Greg led that company into new markets and greater visibility, while successfully introducing a suite of software products for the media services, broadcast, and video transmission industries. Prior to that time, Greg held several senior positions; including CIO of the New York Media Group and Manager of Budget Systems for Sedgwick James. In each position Greg was responsible for the achievement of critical business growth goals through technology.