Resource Management Solutions for Small Media Companies

Resource Management Solutions for Small Media Companies

By: David DellaFave

For many small to mid-size media companies, running a business without a resource management software can be time consuming, inefficient and prone to errors. With limited time, resources and funds, selecting the right resource management software is crucial.  

Some media companies are tempted to use generic calendars or scheduling tools that are free or very low cost. Also known as, the one size fits all solution approach.  These will likely not meet the needs of media companies and they will soon outgrow those types of systems.  Small to mid-size media companies should search for a resource management solution with proven experience and an understanding of the media production business complexities.

What is Resource Management for Small Media Companies?

Resource management is the act of planning, scheduling and assigning facilities, people and equipment to a project.

A solution software for resource management is essential to keep media production and post-production operations running smoothly. Today, remote access to a resource management software is not only a bonus, but also vital.  

Resource Management Considerations

With a limited budget, even for a small media company, there are a few significant considerations to think about when selecting the right resource management solution.

One consideration is the business financial end, specifically software to track resource cost and pricing.  Access to job budgeted versus actual cost and price helps maintain margins and profitability, especially when the resources and funds are limited.   Reporting on historical data to understand where money is spent and generate revenue is a key factor in surviving and thriving for all sized media companies.

Another consideration small to mid-size media companies need to address is the management of technical infrastructure.  By using a vendor hosted system, the cost of installing and maintaining an internal data center with IT staff is eliminated.  Updates, availability, backups and security are all handled by the software vendor. 

An additional consideration is finding an affordable and capable software, scalable to grow media company while providing robust functionality.


Xytech offers the perfect resource management solution for small to mid-size media companies.  From the creators of MediaPulse and powered by Microsoft Azure, Dash is a cloud-based scheduling software, assessable in any browser on any device.

Built with Xytech’s powerful MediaPulse platform, Dash is not only an affordable solution, but also equipped with a simple, intuitive and efficient interface to make it easy for clients to get up and running quickly with minimal configuration and training. 

Equipped with dashboards, graphs and charts, Dash manages facility scheduling, bidding, billing and reporting all in one easy-to-use system. The cloud-based scheduling software platform is safe and secure, providing easy access on any browser on any device. Dash is a monthly subscription platform with a flexible user count to expand or contract with your business.

With Dash, no media company is too small to utilize the software designed to manage facility, people and equipment. 


If you are just starting your media company or need a software to track your facility, Dash is a great resource management system to consider.

Dave DellaFave headshot from Xytech