Beware of ‘Geeks’ Bearing Gifts…

Beware of ‘Geeks’ Bearing Gifts…

Gentle Friends,

It’s the end of March already… which means we are once again entering the NAB silly season. It’s the time of year where we all roll out the newest and greatest in our product line, and every email you open promises ‘the solution to all of your problems’ and ‘the best (insert product here) ever’!

Lots of you will get our marketing materials over the course of the next two weeks as well, and I promise we will not waste your time or insult your intelligence with vapor hype. We will lay out exactly where we are, exactly what is new, and give you a look at our product roadmap. At Xytech, we profoundly disagree with the marketing-spin as product approach. It’s just not the way we want to do business

Here’s what we are promoting at NAB 2013-

First off our new Personnel Management Module is shipping, and it is actually groundbreaking technology in Facility Management. It uses scripted workflows to control payroll penalties, warnings, and alerts and can handle union agreements and the European Working Time Directive. The module also provides a flexible and robust platform that can be easily modified to support union contracts and unique work rules.

Secondly our Fuse integration platform has received several important upgrades. An XSLT data transformation capability is now available. This allows developers (including your staff!) to conditionally pull data from MediaPulse supporting ETL strategies in a simplified and easily supportable model. In addition, Fuse now offers the ability to remotely create orders in any other MediaPulse system through simple configuration. This supports the ecosystems created by our clients, where orders are shared amongst several companies, and delivers in an efficient and economic manner that provides real ROI.

And finally we are introducing SKY, our browser based, platform independent, HTML5 compliant user interface. This isn’t some bolt-on frankencode approach, but a completely fully functional interface to MediaPulse. Coupled with our iOS apps, MediaPulse is now available on PC, MAC, Linux, Mobile, Cloud and iOS.

It’s an exhilarating time here at Xytech. Major broadcasters are now using Digital Order to automate their workflows because we are the only solution between vapor and the multi-million dollar boondoggle. We’re innovating our tails off, and it shows in the new offerings we will be showing at NAB.

That’s why we are winning 90% of all deals. Come by and visit us at Booth # SL2427 to see for yourself.

I look forward to seeing you all at NAB!